November 7 2012 - January 6 2013
Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France

October 14 2014 - November 3 2014
Les Champs Libres
France, Rennes

November 4 2016 - Novermber 6 2016
Loop 2016, Funkhaus, Berlin
Powerful white laser beams draw a floating object on a wall in a completely dark space, slowly evolving shapes, edges and curves of shimmering, pulsating light.

Sometimes the shapes are barely visible, sometimes they explode into extreme brightness. In some sequences the quality of the light is steady, during other times it fluctuates and breaks apart into scintillating particles. Sounds - transformed recordings of a low piano keys and tiny high pitched mechanical noises - fill the room, sometimes in sync with the visual aspects and sometimes running simply in parallel.

Whilst everything is floating and happening in rather long intervals, a constant black shadow is moving in front of the projection, from left to right, every 6 seconds, like a giant blade of a windmill, a negative object that contrasts the bright projection by muting it where it appears. It is not only obscuring the image but also dampening the sounds at its current position and emitting a low frequency noise itself. A dark strong force that puts the rest in an infinitely distant background.

Fragile Territories

Dense and tiny sonic events seem to emerge from the light object, embedded in distant echoes of decaying piano notes, an alien stream of sounds with no end and no beginning. Sound and light play with each other; commenting and complementing gestures that merge into one single breathing, bodiless entity.

The visual and the auditive component are created in realtime using statistic and stochastic algorithms. As a result, the duration of the work is infinite and it never repeats. Due to the complex nature of the code and its embedded randomness, it is impossible to entirely predict its behaviour.

<Fragile Territories

The development of this installation has been made possible by the generous support of LaserAnimation Sollinger [link]. Fragile Territories is a commissioned work by Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France. Software development, musical composition, and visual design by Robert Henke 2012-2014. (see also Early Laser Tests)

Fragile Territories won the International Laser Display Association (IDLA) Award 2013. Photos above from the installation in Nantes 2012, Photo below from the installation in Rennes 2014.

Below: Setting up Fragile Territories in Nantes at Le Lieu Unique, November 2013.

4x Blizzard 8000 lasers by LaserAnimation Sollinger, Berlin. [link]