I came to art via engineering. In academic computer music, building own software and tools to achieve specific results is common practice. My installation works also very much rely on self written software and my performances, too. I build hardware, and I played and still play a significant role in the development of a commercial music software called Ableton Live. I consider building beautiful and elegant tools an art, that is inspired by other art forms and reflects back on the works is created with them.

Laser Pattern Generator III
Tech Blog

screenshots, photos, texts and thoughts about works in progress.

Laser Tests

Early Laser Tests.

Max 4 Live devices

a collection of my public Max 4 Live devices.


a granular synthesizer made in Max 4 Live

Ableton Live

a story about that music software everyone is using these days

Monodeck I
Monodeck II

MIDI controller for monolake live performances 2005